Bank: Arab Bank plc.

Customer: A natural or legal person. A singular comprises dual and plural as well.

Online Registration: subscripting, adding /deleting alerts,editing personal information, deactivating, reactivating and

terminating the SMS Banking Service online through a link on Arab bank plc website.

PIN:Personal identification number for Visa Electron Card.

These terms related to Short Messages (SMS) are applied in so far as they do not conflict with the Manual of

General and Special Terms for Dealing with the Accounts and The Banking and Electronic Services.

1.   Whereas the Bank offer upon his customers request Short Messages Service (SMS) which includes that the Bank
      sends to the customer ( but not obliged to do so ) Short Messages at his mobile phone. Such messages contain
      information on the services which are provided or created by the Bank or any other information the Bank deems

2.   The Bank shall provide the customer with detailed instructions of the service through the " Bank " website or the
      service user guide or by any other way may be deemed appropriate by the Bank,and the customer undertakes to
      follow the detailed instructions accurately upon usage.The customer undertakes that he has known and understood
      the mechanism of the service and any information provided by the Bank is considered for guidance only.

3.   The Bank may share information about the customer internally to provide the customer with new services.

4.   The customer will be fully responsible for the sets maintenance, operations and expenses costs.

5.   The Bank is offering the service through the communications networks ( Internet/ Fixed Phone/ Mobile), utilizing
      the best security measures, but the Bank is not responsible for any errors that might be occurred due to the
      unprotected and open nature of such networks. Therefore, the customer shall be solely responsible for all risks
      inherent in, or resulting from using the service which the customer has subscribed to.

6.   The customer understands completely that the mobile phone number, Visa Electron card number and PIN are
      considered the identification means to verify the customers identity, therefore, all transactions performed using
      them and anyone using them will be considered the customer. The customer shall be liable for all transactions
      performed by using his identification means and responsible for any change, loss or transfer of any of such means
      to others until suspend such time as the Bank is able to the service by a written notice received from the customer.

7.   The customer is fully responsible for safeguarding his Visa Electron Card, PIN. The customer undertakes to keep
      the relevant Visa Electron card number and PIN as confidential and private, and keep them in separate secure
      places,and not to release them to anyone. The customer should exercise extreme caution when using the service
      on a PC/mobile phone in a public place or using others sets. The Bank shall not assume any responsibility or
      harm that may arise as a consequence to the customers breach of this obligation.

8.   In case the customers Visa Electron card or PIN is lost /stolen / damaged, the customer must report the incident to
      the Bank immediately so that the Bank will suspend the service. To re-activate the service, the customer must
      apply to reissue new Visa Electron card/PIN and the customer shall pay any expenses or commissions arising there
      from as decided by the Bank.

9.   In case the customer suspects that another party is tampering with his accounts through the service, or he doubts
      that his Visa Electron card Number /PIN are compromised by some other parties, the customer must inform the
      Bank of this matter as soon as possible in writing or by the mean agreed upon between the customer and the Bank.
      The customer shall be liable for any harm may be incurred due to the use of the Visa electron card number/PIN
      until the date of informing.

10.  The customer may request to temporarily suspend the service by a written request to the Bank or through access
      "Online registration". The Bank has the right to suspend the service at any time partially, and for any period of time
      without any prior notice to the customer, and without giving any reasons. In case the service is suspended
      completely the Customer should be informed thereto.

11.  The Bank will not be responsible in case of irregularity or the service is non-operational or if inaccurate information
      is given through the service.

12.  The customer authorizes the Bank to debit all the commissions and expenses arising from the use of the service
      on any of the customers accounts with the Bank.

13.  The Customer undertakes to inform the Bank by writing if he changes his Mobile phone number or personal

14.  The Bank has the right, at all times and without a prior notice or giving any reason, to amend any of the forgoing
      Terms and Conditions. Such amendment shall be deemed effective on the Customers part upon the Banks advice
      by ordinary mail to his address kept by the Bank; the Banks statement regarding the mailing of such amendment
      advices shall be binding on the Customers part.